Ground Breaking Documentary: WHAT THE HEALTH

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The health film health organizations don’t want you to see.

“This film inspires action.”

Perfect Foods has decided to do all we can to support this ground breaking documentary: WHAT THE HEALTH. It is made by the same award winning filmmakers of Cowspiracy. This film is spot on with every issue on health, meat and the MASSIVE corruption in government that is causing us cancer, arthritis and diabetes. The best part is it is going viral and becoming mainstream. FINALLY, these important uncovered truths are being brought to light… It is up to us to spread the word!

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One of the interesting points this film touches upon is how the American Cancer Society and large health organizations are promoting meat products in a healthy diet, while there are many scientific, peer reviewed studies that prove an animal product based diet causes cancer, diabetes and disease.

Then, the documentary goes on to show how companies such as Tyson Foods and Campbells are sponsoring health organizations like the American Cancer Society but are leading in the industries that are causing cancer and diabetes themselves! It’s complete corruption and just proves why it is so difficult to get the truth out there that can actually save lives.

People often ask, well, if wheatgrass is so good for you then why haven’t I heard about it? The answer is that the government doesn’t want you to hear about it because it actually works, is cheap for the public and there will be less money to be made in the pharmaceutical and health industries. atch the documentary to truly understand!

 Perfect foods’ solution:

This ground breaking documentary: WHAT THE HEALTH brings light to how corrupt the government is in guiding us in proper diet for health and it promotes eating a PLANT BASED diet. It touches upon why we shouldn’t eat meat and how the animal products are killing us but…


Sprouts are highly condensed nutrients that taste delicious and rejuvenate your body.

Since 1982, Perfect Foods has been growing local and organic wheatgrass and sprouts for the Tri-State Area. Baby greens, microgreens, sprouts… whatever you want to call them, are the single most nutritious and essential plants to be consumed by your body. They can be anywhere between 3-100 times more nutritious than the adult vegetable and provide your body with extreme hormones and enzymes that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus, they taste delicious with an extra kick of spicy goodness that makes you not even need dressing for your salad.

Wheatgrass, of course, is the superfood of the superfoods and is essential for getting all of your nutrients in. After being in the industry for 35 years we have heard countless stories of wheatgrass healing people when mainstream doctors told them there was no cure.

Stories: Click here to read stories of people with cancer, juvenile arthritis, bone cancer etc…

You have control of your health. Let Food Be Thy Medicine!


Email us at if you want to order wheatgrass or sprouts or help us educate.


Take The Green Shot Challenge – We Dare You!

the green shot challenge #greenshotchallengeThe best things in life start with a challenge. 

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Calling all juice fiends, wheatgrass fanatics, and anyone who wants to take the first step to self-improvement, health, and happiness! We are currently in the process of launching THE GREEN SHOT Challenge in YOUR favorite juice bars across the 5 boroughs and we can’t wait to tell you about it! 

What is the THE GREEN SHOT?

THE GREEN SHOT is Perfect Foods wheatgrass renamed. It is the freshest, highest quality, lushest wheatgrass you can get in the NYC Metro Area.

CLICK ME to find out where to get #TheGreenShot near you! Input your address into the map and it will show you the two closest locations serving up our superior product.

What are the benefits?

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Check out the Top 10 Benefits HERE

The 4-Day Green Shot Challenge

That’s right, 4 DAYS! Commit to our challenge for JUST 4 DAYS and we guarantee that you will be hooked on feeling naturally energized without the dreaded “crash”. In addition to the energy boost, THE GREEN SHOT is LOADED with NUTRIENTS. It is highly concentrated and it won’t take long for you to realize it is the best possible juice you can put in your body. 

THE GREEN SHOT is a superfood but you don’t get the benefits of drinking it without doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Here’s how it works…
Step 1: Drink 1 shot each day for 4 days
Step 2: Get your 5th shot FREE!
Step 3: Join the Mission: Share your Green Shot Challenge experience & a Personal Goal on or instagram @perfectfoodsinc #GreenShotChallenge!

Free Personal Support & Health Coaching:

Contact Rebecca Matsil at for free personal support. We care and want to help guide you towards your own personal growth and happiness. Send all TESTIMONIALS to her to share you experience. 


The ideal way to consume wheatgrass is to drink 2 OUNCES per day after you get used to drinking 1 ounce. Increase your dose as part of the challenge!

WE want YOU to get the most benefits from drinking #TheGreenShot
Take the #GreenShotChallenge to prepare your body and mind for whatever you want to accomplish! 

*Stay tuned for more info about when and where we will be launching the challenge!

Where can I take the Challenge?

East Village:

Agavi Juice Bar 

East Village Organic 


Fusion Juice bar

Juice for Life

Nana’s Ice Cream Shop

Queens Health Emporium



Juice Land

Brooklyn Blend

Upper West Side

Oasis Juice Bar

Mid Town:

Fit Juice Bar in CrossFit Gym

Fuel Juice Bar & Grill



Melvin’s Juice Box

Long Island

LA Fitness: Nrgize Lindenhurst



Rising Tide

Gregory Gourmet

Mung Bean

Nrgize Smithtown

Nrgize Port Jefferson

New Jersey

Nectar Cafe

LA Fitness: Nrgize Clifton

Juice Journey


Shakin’ Cafe

Boogie Woogie Bagels

Food For Life Edgewater

Super Juice Nation Paramous


Pure Food and Drinks

Bronxville Natural

The Juice House

Abundant Life

Pure Bliss

Freckle’s Juice

LA Fitness (Nrgize) Yonkers




My Story of Wheatgrass and Cancer


The miracles of wheatgrass...

To All Wheatgrass and Cancer Skeptics,

I’m a big wheatgrass user and last June when my dad was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, I immediately sent my folks a juicer and got them hooked up with weekly wheatgrass delivery. I had purchased your Dr. Squeeze Green Queen Juicer (I’ve been using the same one for 2 years now and love it!).  My mom juices 5 oz a day for my dad. This is my story about wheatgrass and cancer.

Last year, the doctor told me that it would be a really big deal if my dad survived 12 months.  Well, he is coming up on 10 months and is doing pretty well. I believe that without his daily wheatgrass, he would not still be here.

Here’s what I believe to be true about wheatgrass and cancer and his daily dosage:

1. After 10 months of chemo they STILL have not needed to put in a chest port which is unheard of because of the damage chemo does on your veins
2. The doctor had told me that many times people pass away because of the effects of the chemo on the body and it’s organs. I believe that the wheatgrass is flushing the chemo out if his system and protecting his organs, since without it, the body would have to gradually push out the drugs on its own.
3. One of the main chemo concerns is how it makes your blood levels drop – so they give you a shot each week to help with that – dad is on 10 months and has only needed that shot ONCE!
4. He is very fatigued and has a “new normal” when it comes to his life – there are many things he can no longer do, as the cancer had metastasized to his spine.

But in 10 months, he is doing great, his tumor is 10% smaller. He gets another scan in a month and we are praying for some more shrinkage.

We all believe in the power of the wheatgrass and it is infuriating that doctors are unaware of what it does or even just unaware of it in general. If I had ANY money, I would be the first one stepping up to put on clinical trials…since that’s apparently the only thing that will get people thinking differently about options like this. But since the pharmaceutical companies don’t stand to make a dime on it’s success, I don’t see any of them stepping up. It just makes me sad to think how many people could be helped just by this knowledge.

I’m not writing this to you as a commercial for what you do – but feel free to use this as a testimonial if you would like to help spread the word for those with chemo. Also – it does not dilute the success of the chemo drug itself.

Warmest regards,
Colleen Finn
Atlanta, GA

To learn the benefits click here .

Perfect Foods, The Perfect Company

Perfect Foods - Wheatgrass, Sunflower Greens
Growing the Perfect Foods

Perfectly wonderful!

There is no company that i love more, or am more indebted to than Perfect Foods, Inc. I have been ordering their amazing fresh products for almost 15 years now. I switched over to a vegan diet in 1998 for health reasons, and couldn’t have done it without them. For the first five years i drank plenty of their wheatgrass, which played a major role in restoring my health. I still drink wheatgrass, but have really focused on their incredible sunflower greens (sprouts). I’ve tried a few other sources over the years and there is simply no comparison. I know beyond a doubt that they are the best quality sunflower greens in the world. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in wheatgrass and other superfoods to try this miraculous food. I juice them every day and add them to salads.

I know that this company has fought hard to keep doing what they know is right and to keep providing people like myself with the best product they can. I am forever grateful to them. Lastly, i’d like to chime in about Cindy, the manager. She really is the best! She watches over us like a guardian angel, and is the heart of the company. Thank you for everything you’ve done. And thanks to all the other terrific folks who work to grow and deliver these health giving miracles to us.

Bless tou all!

– Erez Yakin

What’s the best wheatgrass juicer?

Have you heard of wheatgrass, but found it too expensive to go to the store for it? Juicing wheatgrass at home can be an economical solution, but you’ll need two things. 1) Access to freshly grown wheatgrass, either by a supplier or grown at home and 2) A suitable wheatgrass juicer for your needs.

When choosing a juicer for wheatgrass, there are a few things you should ask yourself. Firstly, you should consider if you plan to juice all kinds of produce, or just wheatgrass. If you want to juice all kinds of produce, and only plan on juicing a few ounces at a time of wheatgrass, a multi-purpose juicer like the Omega 8006 Juicer is best. The Omega has the greatest range of fruits and vegetables which it can juice.

If, however, you already own a regular juicer or know you will be juicing larger amounts of wheatgrass (over 3 ounces) nearly every day, a dedicated electric wheatgrass juicer will be best. Yes there are manual wheatgrass juicers out there, but most people never use them. Manual wheatgrass juicers, while cheaper (50-100 dollars), are often difficult to use, and can damage your counter-tops. Electric wheatgrass juicers can range from 140-300 dollars, but you’ll actually use them.

Remember, never juice wheatgrass in a blender or centrifugal juicer. Wheatgrass must be juiced in a masticating (grinding) juicers, which uses augors, not blades. Because of wheatgrass’ fibrous nature, it quickly dulls blades of the other types of machines, and loses nutrients from the heat and high speeds of processing.

An affordable electric wheatgrass juicer was developed by Perfect Foods, the largest indoor wheatgrass growers in the world since 1982. The Dr. Squeeze Green Queen juicer is small, powerful, and very efficient at getting the most juice out of your wheat grass. Perfect Foods will cover parts under warranty for a year, and will provide you with one-on-one customer service in helping you use your machine. It is our opinion that the Dr. Squeeze – Green Queen is the Best Wheatgrass Juicer for use at home.

Wheatgrass King – Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews

Wheatgrass King Commercial Juicer
Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer
What do juice-bars and wheatgrass experts think of the Wheatgrass King commercial juicer? Many say its the “Best wheatgrass juicer ever made!”, but we wanna hear from you.

After many years of selling other company’s commercial wheatgrass juicers, we decided to develop our own. The Dr. Squeeze Wheatgrass King is THE MOST POWERFUL wheatgrass juicer. It juices quickly, has all stainless steel parts, and is virtually indestructable. As well, its far less costly than other similar machines like the Miracle MJ575. If you own a fast paced juice bar and really want to push your wheatgrass, you absolutely will want the Wheatgrass King Commercial Wheatgrass Juicer.

Electric Wheatgrass Juicer Reviews – Green Queen

Electric Wheatgrass Juicer - Dr. Squeeze - Green Queen
Green Queen - Home Model
“I love this electric wheatgrass juicer” are words we frequently hear about the Green Queen by Dr. Squeeze. We at Perfect Foods developed this machine to be the most affordable and easy to use wheatgrass juicer on the market. Please share your reviews!

This machine has a number of attributes which make it the perfect machine for anyone new to wheatgrass. Perfect Foods, which has been growing wheatgrass in New York since 1982, wanted to develop a small and affordable wheatgrass juicer for the masses. Most comparable juicers were of lesser power and higher cost. The Dr. Squeeze Green Queen is both counter-space saving and strong. It actually is one of the few machines able to juice over 6 ounces at one time without clogging or overheating. It also has a slow rotation speed, preventing oxidation and retaining the nutrients of the juice. Remember, this machine is designed as a wheatgrass juicer, not an “everything juicer”, and it is not recommended to try juicing most fruits or vegetables. Read more about what makes the Best Wheatgrass Juicer.

Wheatgrass Testimonial – Cancer Survivor – Lilli Link, MD

I am a 13-year cancer survivor.  Shortly after being diagnosed with a uterine sarcoma, it was clear that wheatgrass juice would be in my future.  I waited until after I completed surgery and chemotherapy to start it.  I knew the taste would be hard to tolerate.  What I didn’t know was how good it would make me feel.  I drink 2 ounces of juice made from Perfect Foods’ wheatgrass almost every morning and find it incredibly satisfying.  It keeps my blood sugar and energy even throughout the morning.  I also love Perfect Foods’ sunflower sprouts which are packed with nutrition.  I like to add them to my daily vegetable juice not only because they are so healthy, but also because they make the juice delicious.

I think wheatgrass juice and sunflower sprouts are key for optimal nutrition and have been an important part of my anti-cancer diet.  I highly recommend both to my patients who are interested in achieving that level of health.  Of course, I recommend Perfect Foods because no one grows greener wheatgrass or more beautiful sunflower sprouts.

Lilli B. Link, MD, MS
Nutritional consultant, NYC