Why Wheatgrass is the Life of the Party (& Amy Poehler)

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Music, dancing, games, pictures and, of course, SHOTS! Sounds like an average party to me. Plot twist! It’s a Wheatgrass Party this time.

The first wheatgrass party of its time, coming to you at the NYC Veg Food Fest on May 7th and 8th. Come to have a killer time with your friends and family without the hangover!

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Short and Sweet Story: How Wheatgrass Saved Juvenile Arthritis

wheatgrass saved juvenile arthritis

Harley’s Wheatgrass Stories:

The miracles of wheatgrass...
The miracles of wheatgrass…

My name is Harley Matsil, the owner of Perfect Foods, and I would like to share one of my many touching wheatgrass stories with you.

Wheatgrass Saved Juvenile Arthritis

Working in the health food industry, I meet a lot of sickly people desperate for help. One of these people was my friend Willie.  She was a nutritional consultant at a health food store called Jandi’s on Long Island and a long time customer of ours. Her daughter, sadly, had juvenile arthritis and lived in excruciating pain and inflamed wrists every day.

This is a story of how wheatgrass saved Juvenile arthritis. This type of arthritis is recognized as a “terminal illness” in the western medical world and Willie’s daughter had little hope for a day with out pain. However, Willie’s daughter told her story and sweared to have felt significantly better immediately after using wheatgrass in her diet.

For years we delivered wheatgrass and sprouts to their home (we still do to this day), and got to know them as loyal customers, dear friends, and beautiful people.

A few years ago I decided to stop by their house personally. After Willie greeted me outside, she poked her head into the house and whispered to her daughter, “Come out and tell Harley what you told me this morning.” Her daughter, now in her teens, tip toed out to meet me and as she wiggled her hands and wrists in a circle, she cried, “I am able to do this because of you.” As tears rolled down her cheek, she explained how hard it was to constantly be in pain all day every day. When she started to drink wheatgrass, she KNEW it was working. “I ate pizza not too long ago,” she insisted, “and my wrist started to hurt again.”  I looked at her mother Willie, and we both had a slight smile. It was clear thatwheatgrass saved juvenile arthritis nourishing her body with greens, chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals.

There is nothing more miraculous than seeing a child in pain feel that there is some hope. No child should have to be told there is no cure to their condition. With support, love and a healthy diet, our stories show there is nothing your body can’t heal on its own.

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Perfect Foods, The Perfect Company

Perfect Foods - Wheatgrass, Sunflower Greens
Growing the Perfect Foods

Perfectly wonderful!

There is no company that i love more, or am more indebted to than Perfect Foods, Inc. I have been ordering their amazing fresh products for almost 15 years now. I switched over to a vegan diet in 1998 for health reasons, and couldn’t have done it without them. For the first five years i drank plenty of their wheatgrass, which played a major role in restoring my health. I still drink wheatgrass, but have really focused on their incredible sunflower greens (sprouts). I’ve tried a few other sources over the years and there is simply no comparison. I know beyond a doubt that they are the best quality sunflower greens in the world. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in wheatgrass and other superfoods to try this miraculous food. I juice them every day and add them to salads.

I know that this company has fought hard to keep doing what they know is right and to keep providing people like myself with the best product they can. I am forever grateful to them. Lastly, i’d like to chime in about Cindy, the manager. She really is the best! She watches over us like a guardian angel, and is the heart of the company. Thank you for everything you’ve done. And thanks to all the other terrific folks who work to grow and deliver these health giving miracles to us.

Bless tou all!

– Erez Yakin

Wheatgrass Testimonial – Cancer Survivor – Lilli Link, MD

I am a 13-year cancer survivor.  Shortly after being diagnosed with a uterine sarcoma, it was clear that wheatgrass juice would be in my future.  I waited until after I completed surgery and chemotherapy to start it.  I knew the taste would be hard to tolerate.  What I didn’t know was how good it would make me feel.  I drink 2 ounces of juice made from Perfect Foods’ wheatgrass almost every morning and find it incredibly satisfying.  It keeps my blood sugar and energy even throughout the morning.  I also love Perfect Foods’ sunflower sprouts which are packed with nutrition.  I like to add them to my daily vegetable juice not only because they are so healthy, but also because they make the juice delicious.

I think wheatgrass juice and sunflower sprouts are key for optimal nutrition and have been an important part of my anti-cancer diet.  I highly recommend both to my patients who are interested in achieving that level of health.  Of course, I recommend Perfect Foods because no one grows greener wheatgrass or more beautiful sunflower sprouts.

Lilli B. Link, MD, MS
Nutritional consultant, NYC