How to Take Control of Your Life with 3 Steps

Take Control with The Green Shot Challenge

Take Control with The Green Shot Challenge explained in 3 simple steps.

Step 1) Pick one aspect of your life you want to improve

Everyone has something

in their lives that they’ve been wanting to change  for some time but just can’t possibly fathom how it could get done.  So, you let it wallow in the shadow of your life for far too long, and to no one’s surprise, you sink deeper and deeper, making the change seem even more impossible.

Rebecca Matsil, a team member at Perfect Foods, studied Psychology at the University at Albany and has made it her life’s mission to understand the life long pursuit of human beings called, “happiness”. As long time and respected leaders in the Health Industry, Perfect Foods has made it its personal mission to help New Yorkers find that.

The #1 factor in depression

in America is the feeling of a “lack of control” in one’s life. Have you forgotten that you have control. Feeling helpless, hopeless and trapped in the momentum of the life you built for yourself is not how life has to be. But, don’t worry, you’re not alone and you can make a change.

“I want New Yorkers to realize that they have the power to Take Control of their lives and no change is too big or too impossible if it means growth in the long run,”

said Rebecca. We want the humans of NY to know that you have the choice to make a change, and we are here to help you start now!   You have control. Nothing makes you more unhappy with yourself than knowing that something is not right in your life and you’re not doing anything about it.  So, let’s make a change together.

One of the biggest problem with successfully making a change is first identifying what the problem is and how you want to improve it. Pick one aspect of your life to take control of. This is something you have been wanting to change but just haven’t gotten around to.

Some possible changes could be:

  • Job
  • Any Relationship: Romantic, Family, Friend, Co-worker
  • Mindset (being more positive or grateful)
  • Self-esteem
  • Start a new passion
  • Start a new skill
  • Work on an old skill
  • Work on a relationship
  • Move to a new place
  • Change your diet
  • Lose weight
  • Exercise more
  • Start Meditating/yoga

These are just ideas, but you know what change is right for you. Think of something that is holding you back from your potential. Think of something you always wanted to do but never had the time or guts to do. Think of something you envy in someone else that you wish you could have. Think of something that would increase your quality of life and, together, let’s take control.

Step 2) Be Committed and Have Possitive Support

Commitment is key to change and commitment without support is hard. That’s why we created the 4 Day Green Shot Challenge.

4 Day #GreenShotChallenge.

In 4 days you will provide your body with healthy nutrients and pick one aspect of your life you would like to see change with the support of Perfect Foods.

All it takes is a moment of power each day to focus your mind, bring mindfulness to your life and give you motivation to be the better you. It’s not easy doing it on your own, so we created the 4 Day Green Shot Challenge to give you healthy support and personal support. Drink The Green Shot (Perfect Foods Wheatgrass) for 4 days in a row in one of our many locations around New York. The Green Shot gives your body the nutrients and energy it needs to be healthy and the challenge gives you the discipline to succeed. This requires commitment to your body, health and life. With out that you won’t achieve any other goal.

Click ME to learn where and how to take the 4 Day Green Shot Challenge. #GreenShotChallenge

Step 3) Inspire others and be a part of a Mission.

Being connected and inspiring others is a key aspect of fulfillment, meaning and happiness. Post your personal goal on Instagram or Facebook to keep you motivated, inspire your friends and be a part of something bigger.

 Mission: Let’s Make  A Happier New York.

“Happiness is being comfortable with who you are and where you are going. Everything else doesn’t feel like such a challenge once you have that,” -Rebecca.


If you complete the challenge, you get entered to win $50 Juice Bar Gift Card to bring to any local juice bar that sells #TheGreenShot (Ask for Perfect Foods Wheatgrass). Post a picture of your wheatgrass shot on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with #GreenShotChallenge and send your video journal to everyday!

Take The Green Shot Challenge – We Dare You!

the green shot challenge #greenshotchallengeThe best things in life start with a challenge. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.15.10 PM

Calling all juice fiends, wheatgrass fanatics, and anyone who wants to take the first step to self-improvement, health, and happiness! We are currently in the process of launching THE GREEN SHOT Challenge in YOUR favorite juice bars across the 5 boroughs and we can’t wait to tell you about it! 

What is the THE GREEN SHOT?

THE GREEN SHOT is Perfect Foods wheatgrass renamed. It is the freshest, highest quality, lushest wheatgrass you can get in the NYC Metro Area.

CLICK ME to find out where to get #TheGreenShot near you! Input your address into the map and it will show you the two closest locations serving up our superior product.

What are the benefits?

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 12.46.25 PM

Check out the Top 10 Benefits HERE

The 4-Day Green Shot Challenge

That’s right, 4 DAYS! Commit to our challenge for JUST 4 DAYS and we guarantee that you will be hooked on feeling naturally energized without the dreaded “crash”. In addition to the energy boost, THE GREEN SHOT is LOADED with NUTRIENTS. It is highly concentrated and it won’t take long for you to realize it is the best possible juice you can put in your body. 

THE GREEN SHOT is a superfood but you don’t get the benefits of drinking it without doing it EVERY SINGLE DAY. 

Here’s how it works…
Step 1: Drink 1 shot each day for 4 days
Step 2: Get your 5th shot FREE!
Step 3: Join the Mission: Share your Green Shot Challenge experience & a Personal Goal on or instagram @perfectfoodsinc #GreenShotChallenge!

Free Personal Support & Health Coaching:

Contact Rebecca Matsil at for free personal support. We care and want to help guide you towards your own personal growth and happiness. Send all TESTIMONIALS to her to share you experience. 


The ideal way to consume wheatgrass is to drink 2 OUNCES per day after you get used to drinking 1 ounce. Increase your dose as part of the challenge!

WE want YOU to get the most benefits from drinking #TheGreenShot
Take the #GreenShotChallenge to prepare your body and mind for whatever you want to accomplish! 

*Stay tuned for more info about when and where we will be launching the challenge!

Where can I take the Challenge?

East Village:

Agavi Juice Bar 

East Village Organic 


Fusion Juice bar

Juice for Life

Nana’s Ice Cream Shop

Queens Health Emporium



Juice Land

Brooklyn Blend

Upper West Side

Oasis Juice Bar

Mid Town:

Fit Juice Bar in CrossFit Gym

Fuel Juice Bar & Grill



Melvin’s Juice Box

Long Island

LA Fitness: Nrgize Lindenhurst



Rising Tide

Gregory Gourmet

Mung Bean

Nrgize Smithtown

Nrgize Port Jefferson

New Jersey

Nectar Cafe

LA Fitness: Nrgize Clifton

Juice Journey


Shakin’ Cafe

Boogie Woogie Bagels

Food For Life Edgewater

Super Juice Nation Paramous


Pure Food and Drinks

Bronxville Natural

The Juice House

Abundant Life

Pure Bliss

Freckle’s Juice

LA Fitness (Nrgize) Yonkers




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