Sober Is The New Drunk: Don’t Miss The First Wheatgrass Party

The Green Shot wheatgrass party
Cheers at the wheatgrass party The Green Shot

WHEATGRASS PARTY: For all NY vegans and juice lovers

who are ready to switch it up and dance with green shots instead of tequila this time, join us at the NYC Veg Food Fest: Wheatgrass Party for music, wheatgrass pong, green LED lights, and SHOTS! Times are changing and sober really is the new drunk. Vegan, juicing, health conscious and life-chasing millennials are not satisfied with meaningless girl fights and the morning hang overs that come with the drinking culture. They are looking for something more meaningful and positive in their lives and green seems to be the trend. Perfect Foods wants to show you how The Green Shot™ (Perfect Foods Wheatgrass) can be the most empowering and fun shot out there that motivates you to be the better you. Isn’t that what we have all been looking for? Continue reading “Sober Is The New Drunk: Don’t Miss The First Wheatgrass Party”

Why Wheatgrass is the Life of the Party (& Amy Poehler)

The Green Shot Perfect Foods Wheatgrass
Music, dancing, games, pictures and, of course, SHOTS! Sounds like an average party to me. Plot twist! It’s a Wheatgrass Party this time.

The first wheatgrass party of its time, coming to you at the NYC Veg Food Fest on May 7th and 8th. Come to have a killer time with your friends and family without the hangover!

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